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To enable the NGO National Action Front’s (herein referred to as NNAF) role as a national network, a self-assessment was conducted to understand where the network stands in terms of its capacity and identify capacity building need for further improvement. The self-assessment was done addressing six key areas namely;

1) advocacy campaigns,
2) network strategy, resource and management,
3) coordination, communication and decision-making,
4) membership,
5) legitimacy and governance &
6) financial management.

The findings of the self-assessment and prioritisation of capacity-building needs included;

* NNAF is a registered network with a constitution and fundamental structures in place to function as an advocacy body on behalf of non-governmental organisations. It has an active membership of 18 district level consortia representing CSOs at divisional and district levels under a committed leadership to direct the network towards the building of collective voice of NGOs in the face of government’s intentions to curtail the power of non-government organisations.

* The assessment also brought attention to some critical gaps of NNAF network that need to be addressed to achieve its objectives. These included lack of diversity in membership, shortage of resources and the absence of strategies for communication, fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

* The priority areas for capacity building were identified under financial and resource management, coordination, advocacy campaigns, legitimacy and governance. The activities included;

  1. Developing a fundraising plan to boost funds and resources for NNAF campaigning.
  2. Development of a strategic plan for the NNAF network in managing resources.
  3. Strategic planning for collective leadership.
  4. Revisiting and amending the NNAF’s constitution.
  5. Enhancing knowledge and technical expertise in advocacy campaigns.
  6. Improving communication and collaboration across district consortia.
  7. Increasing the use of digital media platforms (audio, video, social media) in campaigning.