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Consolidating inclusive networking of civil society organizations and enhancing to sustain their active and visible presence in their respective districts:

The NAF has been involved in facilitating and consolidating district based networks as Consortiums of NGOs/CBOs in twenty districts, consist of 370 NGOs/CBOs and enhanced their capacity through training to commit their behaviors and attitudes to democratic values and attributes of good governance enshrines in the code of ethics and conducts (COC) based on democratic values and standards of good governance. A comprehensive COC is prepared, district based independent accreditors have been trained to asses and monitor the progress and to provide ground level recommendations after assessing the commitment of NGOs/CBOs respecting and following and abiding by the COC to the Independent Accreditation. NGOs/CBOs are provided self- assessment tool for them to submit their self-assessment report on their commitment to abide by the COC. Accreditation Commission will finally provide Certificate of Accreditation to recommended NGOs/CBOs. 250 NGOs/CBOs have been recommended for Accreditation during the last phase of the project and additional 200 NGOs/CBOs are expected to be assessed and recommended for the Accreditation in this phase of project and the overall total of 450 NGOs/CBOs to receive Accreditation. This initiative is also expected to improve the capacity of the governance and management of NGOs/CBOs and to contribute to generate positive public image on the recognition and credibility of NGOs/CBOs. The NAF will provide institutional and logistic support for the independent functioning of the Accreditors Commission with seven Honorary Commissioners already inducted. NGOs not affiliated to Consortiums will be encourage to obtain Accreditation by proving their commitments to abide by the COC. Establishing NGO Consortiums in the remaining seven districts will be facilitated in this phase.  General Council of NAF represented by the delegates nominated annually by the district Consortiums will be established with responsibilities to take and approve decisions of all aspects related to the policy and management of the NAF. NAF Secretariat will be strengthened with sufficient human resources and institutional capacity sufficient to facilitate, manage and monitor the activities. Two social media platforms – Facebook and WhatsApp – will be established in addition to the two websites already created.

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